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''we offer a professional solution to your customers, hoping to provide an extended arm to your company, after all you only get one opportunity to make that first impression''

floor plans

Increasingly clients are requesting more details from their estate & letting agents when buying, renting or leasing property. 
Professionally produced floor plans show the layout of a property with detailed descriptions and sizes of rooms within the property, all of our plans can be accessed online and substantial savings can be made if ordered with an EPC, after all we will be visiting the property anyway so it makes sense!

The floor plans can help your clients to save valuable time, helping the customer to only view properties that meet their individual needs and specifications; this saves the estate/letting agent time, focusing on more productive viewing, thus leading to potentially higher success rates on that important buy, rent or lease decisions.

"A recent survey of consumers showed that 79 per cent of home sellers believe that professionally produced details will help them to sell their home faster and 78 per cent of buyers think floor plans are essential before looking at a property. In a separate survey, agents who use floor plans also reported 26 per cent higher commission levels than those who weren’t using them." - Estate Agency News.

rental properties

The Housing Act of 2004 states that by 1st October 2008 an EPC will be required for all homes including rented dwellings and social housing. Under the terms of the directive where buildings are to be rented out, the landlord is responsible for ensuring a valid certificate is available to all prospective tenants upon request, and be made available to the successful tenant before a contract for tenancy is made.

PropertyCerts will take care of all your EPC needs with our fast and professional team of Energy Assessors who are based in your area so they know the local area well and understand your requirements. We will keep your business legal by lodging the EPC and supply you with an electronic copy via our bespoke energy assessment storage and viewing portal, follow the link below to find your EPC.


The inventory requires a visit to the property which includes a full property Inventory inspection. 
A comprehensive Inventory Report will be drawn up, which will be clear and easily understandable.  It will include all elements of the property and their condition, including: doors and framework, ceilings, interior walls, floors, woodwork, windows, electrical fixtures, furniture, sanitary ware, gardens, outhouses, etc.
We provide the Instructing principal with a hard copy of the Inventory Report.
If required we can also provide an electronic version of the report which is FREE of charge.
In addition to the Inventory Report a Digital Photography Report is also available upon request.

Check In
The Check In requires a visit to the property at the start of the tenancy.
A full inspection of the property will be carried out and any discrepancies between the current state of the property and the Inventory Report will be noted.
We pay particular attention to appliances, sanitary ware, and the general cleanliness of the property.
We record meter readings and conduct a key hand over.
We obtain an agreement and sign off the Check In Report.
The Report is then sent to the Instructing Principal.

Check Out
The Check out requires a visit made at the end of the tenancy.
An inspection of the property is carried out to note any discrepancies between the current state of the property and the Inventory Report.
We pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the property, damage to the property and any items which could be missing or added to the property.
We obtain meter readings, conduct a key hand over and make sure that the property is safe and secure when leaving.
We then provide the Instructing Principal with a detailed Check Out Report.

Interim inspections can be carried out for managed properties, ensuring landlords and managing agents are aware immediately of any potential problems.

holiday lets

There are many different kinds of tenancy agreements.  Holiday lets are just one of them.  The Housing Act 1988 defines a holiday let as a ‘tenancy the purpose of which is to confer on the tenant the right to occupy the dwelling-house for a holiday.’  An energy assessment must be commissioned before a property can be marketed for sale or rent, and the report must be made available to any prospective tenant for any rental property.

As from the 30th June 2011, Energy Performance Certificates are required by law for any property rented out as a holiday let.  The assessment takes about an hour, currently valid for ten years and could save the property owner a fine of £200 per property. Contact us for more details.

online storeage

We will store all your EPC's, recommendation reports, EPC charts, floor plans online for free. Documents can be stored online ready for when you want them, easily accessed from our own dedicated storage and retrieval website at the click of a button.

lost your epc?

Have you lost your EPC?  Can't find your energy assessment?  Has the Energy Assessor you used vanished without trace and now you can't find the energy assessment they did?  Don't worry, we will try to help you find your EPC and then we will store it online for you so you can find it next time, contact us to find out if we can help you.



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